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| Aims & Objectives
| To collaborate with Government in its developmental efforts and to disseminate information on various developmental anti-poverty and employment guarantee schemes of the government ear marked for the development and self-reliance of the rural poor.

| To motivate the rural populace to avail the educational facilities provided by the Government and facilitate them to make organized efforts for the effective functioning of formal school and implementation of Non-formal education programme in the rural areas.

| To collaborate with central and state Government institutions, associations and societies having similar objectives and goals for development, progress and self-reliance of the rural poor.

| To undertake rural community health education programmes through people’s education-awareness-skill-action and to motivate, educate people to avail health care facilities available in the government hospitals.

| To train and equip young men and women with knowledge and skill in first aid, immunization, nutrition, balanced diet and common diseases, their root causes, preventive and curative aspects of health care, herbal treatment etc. so that they can tackle their health problems and those of the community.

| To undertake formal as well as non-formal education programmes for both children and adults through rural education programmes in the rural villages, wherever the need is felt.

| To engage in adult education and in general non-formal education for awareness, development and progress of the weaker section of the society.

| To facilitate and support communities to undertake different developmental programme such as land development, watershed management, preservation of forest, social forestry etc.

| To promote and facilitate establishment of people’s organization, Gram Sangathan, Mahila Mandals and Youth Forums in view of enabling the rural population to play active role in the development, progress and national integration.

| To educate and train the rural populace for protection and preservation of environment and maintain ecological balance.

| To train youth and women folk in rural entrepreneurship for augmenting and supplementing their family income.

| To promote and undertake social services, aimed at improving the living condition and economic standards of the poor and weaker segments of the society, landless, casual labourers, small and marginal farmers.

| To sensitize, train and involve youth to identify and help to eradicate social evils like dowry, bonded labour, low wage, untouchability, alcoholism etc. to usher in a new area of social order, social justice and brotherhood.

| To engage in and to promote social services, community organization and community development without distinction of caste and creed, establishing a just social order, creating a spirit of national pride and civic sense, leading to integral development of individuals, families and communities.

| To organize seminars and workshops on matters and issues connected with development, progress and self-reliance of the people.

| To undertake and assist agricultural development and in particular, programmes of irrigation and application of modern technology in agriculture.

| To undertake programmes of housing schemes for the rural poor.

| To collect funds, organize meetings, conferences, seminars etc. for achieving or furthering the aims of the society.

| To undertake relief and rehabilitation programmes for the benefit or victims of natural or other disasters such as fire, famines, floods, epidemics etc. irrespective of caste and creed.
Society Registration No :SBL 2761-361/1990-91 (Sambalpur, Odisha)