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| Focus area & Project Interventions
| Animation and Community Development.
| Community Health, preventive and curative measures, preparation and use of alternative/herbal medicines, TB awareness and
    treatment, HIV/AIDS awareness, community care, Malaria eradication etc.
| Education (formal & non formal)
| Environment protection and drought mitigation
| Livelihood and Food Security.
| Safe Migration and Anti-Trafficking
| Disaster Management.
| Natural Resource Management
| Watershed Development and Sustainable Agriculture
| Water and Sanitation Programme
| Economical Rehabilitation of leprosy patients
| Rehabilitation of physically and mentally retarded
| Relief and rehabilitation of the victims of natural calamities
| Peace building and communal harmony
| People’s Organization Building.
| Federating, Networking and Alliance Building
| Lobbying and Policy Advocacy.
| Integrated Development of Tribal and Dalits through Empowerment  and Action                                                                                                              
Society Registration No :SBL 2761-361/1990-91 (Sambalpur, Odisha)

| Intervention Strategies
| Collective appraisal and analysis of the problem and issues to find the structural causes
| Participatory and comprehensive planning Process.
| Revitalizing/generating alternative knowledge systems and skills.
| Mobilization of the local resources and reducing the external dependency.
| Collective effort through people organizations at different levels.
| Building staff capacities and perspectives through centralizing training programmes and Exposures.
| Information and communication by documenting and sharing with the community.
| Networking and Alliance building for effective Governance.
| Lobbying and Advocacy for influencing policies, law and implementing them through collective action.
| Approach
| Right Based: Adopting Human Rights Perception in all aspects.
| Networking, Lobby, Advocacy.
| Participatory: Implementing participatory process in all steps.
| People centered and Sustainable.
| Gender Justice: Promoting and strengthening women’s leadership and participation, enabling them for a change in their status.