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Society Registration No :SBL 2761-361/1990-91 (Sambalpur, Odisha)

The savings and credit transactions of the women groups will strengthen the economic standard of the poor and the marginalized. It will bring the unorganized together for collective activities related to finance. It will express their solidarity towards each other, promote cultural identity and build bond among the groups. It will give them a sense of financial self reliance rather than depend on money lenders. By this they will have a supportive credit system rather than the usurious credit system. It will give the poor a sense of security in the face of inevitable needs - food, shelter, clothing, education of children and during sickness and old age. The entire project activities of the organization have to emerge as a result of interaction with the concerned people so that they will be active participants in its execution. The dynamics of participatory planning, follow-up action and evaluation have to be the essential principle of the society in order to make its activity a people’s movement. If the implementers are not involved in the details of the planning process, they cannot have commitment to the execution of the plan. Here comes the need of team work which the participating groups come to a consensus on objectives and activities.
I would like to express a word of gratitude and appreciation to the director, Rev. Fr. John Kerketta, the Staff and the Partners of SSSS for their dedicated and meritorious service. May the almighty God grant the Staff, the Partners and Well-wishers abundance of blessings and grace they need to carry on this noble work to help more and more poor and the marginalized.
Inspired by the words of Jesus Christ, “Be like the Son of Man who has came not be served but to serve, and to give his life to redeem many:. (Mt. 20:8), the Diocesan Social Service Society of the Diocese of Sambalpur has been instrumental in making some significant and positive changes in the life of the poor and marginalized, on social, economical, educational & health sectors. The name “Social Service Society” emphasizes its character of service to the disadvantaged irrespective of caste, creed, culture and gender. The Diocese has progressed extremely well in empowering people through SHG’s saving and credit system as well as environment related programme. Our empowering process with our key stake holders - the poor and the marginalized, must lead to social equity, gender equity and equality of opportunity for all, so that we may be able to ensure a dignified living for all the target people of our area.
Rev. Niranjan Sualsingh
President, SSSS

Fr. John Kerketta
Director, SSSS

SSSS adopts rights based approach to tackle the problems of the people and society. According to the need of the people and society, goals and objectives are set. SSSS envisages achieving the objectives by organizing the target communities through different Community Based Organizations (CBOs). The projects are implemented through the CBOs by the help of well trained coordinators and animators of the organization. The coordinators and animators are also placed at each cluster, who monitor and build the capacity of local people through orientations, meetings, trainings etc. A demand for services is created in the community through the mobilization and awareness of their human rights, various programme and schemes of government etc. The goal is better achieved with the linkage, collaboration and the united efforts of government line departments with the help of the programme partners and NGOs/CBOs who are already working in those areas.
I thank all our esteem benefactors and funding agencies (local, national and international), well wishers, advisers and friends of SSSS for their financial, technical and professional support, without which we could not have done anything. Special thanks to our Bishops Most Rev. Lucas Kerketta (Bishop Emeritus) and Most Rev. Niranjan Sualsingh (Present Bishop) and the Governing Body members for their constant support, guidance and encouragement to take the good work forward through SSSS. Special thanks also to all our office staff and field staff of SSSS and project partners at different Parishes, who are the backbone of the organization, for their full commitment and hard work for the cause of the people and organization. Also I thank all the project beneficiaries of the projects for putting their trust and confidence on SSSS and participating and cooperating in implementing different programmes.
Social responsibility is of everybody, irrespective of Government, NGOs and Corporate. There is growing division among the people internationally and nationally based on state and region, language, caste, class, creed and political governance. By all these most affected are the poor and needy who belong to majority section of our country. So forgetting all the differences let us join hands together and work for our society and country and make it a better place for everyone where all will live in peace with freedom, respect and dignity.
Sambalpur Social service Society (SSSS) is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) seeking to establish a just and self reliant society, targeting the people who are most needy and poor and who belong to the backward sections of the society. In spite of many efforts by government and other non-governmental organizations to uplift the people and society, there still remain a lot of things to do. Hence the Catholic Church belonging to the Diocese of Sambalpur extends its social responsibility to the society and nation through different kinds of humanitarian activities through its social service organization, health service institutions, educational institutions etc. SSSS is the social service organization of the Catholic Diocese of Sambalpur.